The 6 E's of Joticle

Over the course of the last two years Joticle, Inc. has evolved quite a bit as a startup. The initial model was built around a centralized website, the core focus was a Q&A type approach and in-depth articles were an extension from the Q&A process. We tested ideas, trialed them along the way and watch the analytics and usage behavior as we evolved the model. Rinse, wash and repeat.

In that process, we were building our Mission and Core Values and all the other fun Corporate-y stuff that comes along with creating a business. The main obstacle we had from the onset was trying to describe exactly what we were up to. One cannot just say "We are building a reverse google approach to researching a topic." That one flies over everyone's head, but it truly is the end game we are pursuing.

After revision upon revision of the investment deck, the growth strategy plan and switching our model to a completely mobile approach, the main bullet points of what our "product" was trying to accomplish became less ambiguous.

With that clarity, the 6 E's Of Joticle emerged as most basic way to explain what we are trying to accomplish as a technology company. The video below is the High level view of the 6 E's Of Joticle: Explore, Examine, Educate, Engage, Endow and Entertain.

I will focus on each of these in the next few blogs and get more in depth with the experience of unraveling the 6 E's of Joticle.

Have a beautiful day!


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