Moving Through Cautiously, Unleashing Creative Power

Clearly there is a lot of chaos in the business world, in our personal lives and in our outlook on the future. The initial "fear of everything" moment can lead to insecurity and doubt. Being a fledgling company with extremely limited resources, we do fortunately have the capacity and sustainability to make it through due to our situations. We are a collective of several people in different states all working remotely and with individual situations. After everything is taken into account though it is business as usual in getting Joticle off the ground. With all the limitations on partners, investors and customers, though, our biggest issue is what to do while every one else's dust settles.

Given this so called break in business as usual, I am finding this is actually a great time to assess what is necessary, what is needed and where can we push the boundaries with no concern if we make mistakes. We have decided to unleash our creative powers instead of stifle progress out of fear. It isn't really that bold nor, is it something out of reach for everyone.

The humor in us says to just go sit on a couch, watch some Netflix and let our kids get lost in video games. That is dangerous and a waste of this great life we have and such a loss of a tremendous teachable moment. The greatness, in this dark moment, is that we can challenge ourselves to new heights withing a new reality of living.

For Joticle, it means being creative in our gaming product, Jotology, that is not yet released and is delayed in release until the dust settles. That doesn't mean we are sitting on a product, it means evolving the product until the opportune time to put it out to market. This is the time to take an honest look at our production platform and really pick it apart and reinvent ourselves while the rest of business is less hectic.

The most dangerous thing for all of us to do is give up hope and to stop the dreaming. Applying a caution to our day to day existence about reality, with an extremely bold pursuit of creativity can, I think, pour into the situation of growth rather than feed into a world of uncertainty.


Gardening can be fun as well...


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