Joticle is a journey: First thought.

Updated: Feb 27

Welcome to the Joticle blog. Now that we are grounded in our journey and moving forward with some great things on the horizon, it came to my attention that there are many questions that abound about what Joticle is, what it is trying to do and how it plans to accomplish the goals we have set out to accomplish. I will get to all that over the course of blogs to be written. Today, I want to focus on the journey.

This is a company I have grown to become very passionate about over the last two and a half years of development, reworking, revisiting, retreading, retooling, re-planning, relaunching...essentially redoing everything several times over to hone the plan and deliver.

For every two steps forward we have made in this journey, we have found ourselves either 3 steps back or on an entirely new trail. Failures are lessons, missteps are sustenance, reinvention is never ending.

What Jeff, he is the other founder, and I have come to see is that Joticle is a journey, not a company. Now I don't mean that in some fluffy, overly thoughtful sort of manner. This has been such an emotional roller coaster of a ride, a straight trip that has defied the odds and just keeps burning forward, all thanks tot he Lord above.

What started as a way to address a learning pet peeve of mine, trying to learn a new development language, has turned into a crusade to take the internet back and segment it into understandable chunks of good information.

I also don't mean that this journey doesn't involve getting down to doing business, we are definitely into getting down to business.

An extension of this blog is to give perspective to people who are where we were at the beginnings of creating this company, give insight about what we have learned, give observations about the type of people you might run into that like to crush dreams for no real reason and praise those that have fought along the way with us.

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