Don't Panic! What fact means to us.

Joticle was formed from the inability to get clean facts about a certain topic. It was frustrating and often quite maddening to try to get a simple answer for a basic question without getting the opinion of trolls or an advertiser's answer (Think Googles main results).

Even more maddening is the current situation with the Coronavirus and how the media has turned it political or fear-mongers have made created scare commerce or every forum is lit up with opinions. A Learning or reference pod (I will be coming back to these in upcoming blogs) was primarily designed to deliver fact, from vetted sources on the internet, free of pitch or fear. Any commerce we may include in the future will be very regulated and be extremely topic focused.

With this current chaos surrounding the virus, we felt the best way to aggregate content and clean up the mess the internet was creating was to align ourselves with the CDC and World Health Organization(WHO). In order to present the Virology topic in the purest and unopinionated way, it was decided this would be the best course to take. While the remainder of the Virology Learning Pod is aggregated from a multitude of great sources, the need to stick to a primary source of information for the Cornovirus was imperative.

Our first goal and message was to get the Myths out of the way with the Mythbuster Video we just created. A presentation utilizing the resources of WHO as seen below:

Again, our main goal at Joticle is to cut through the layers of advertising, opinion, politics, and misinformation of a topic and aggregate the good stuff that does exist on the interwebs.

The Virology Learning Pod is available for Android on GooglePlay at:

Apple users: we are currently raising money to be able to cater to you as well. If you happen to know any VC or Angels with some vision, scott@joticle. is my email.

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