About Joticle

What is this word Joticle?

I would say more difficult than designing the architecture of a software application is coming up with the name that is going to represent the whole ball of wax. The video below walks gives the high level version of the company name.

Originally, the concept for the company centered around being a learning resource for developers, which stems from my frustration trying to use Google as a research tool for anything meaningful. It became readily apparent to me that Google was not the answer for doing research, nor was Wikipedia; and forums were the ultimate test of sanity.

So the idea was to take all these jots I had made on paper, write out a jot and response type system , and on July 23rd, 2017 the idea took on the name JotDev. With really no desire to start a company at that moment it fit the bill and I continued to build an online resource to help me study and understand the concept of the .NET Core platform from Microsoft.

After several discussions with Jeff Stoll (our COO) and Kent Chase, both of whom had golfed on the professional level, I saw a pattern of applying the word Jot to other topics, such as JotGolf, as a means of a organizing a resource for a Jot and Response type format. Which evolved the idea to now being a data driven architecture of endless topics.

Another aspect of the idea was to have more detailed articles written about that initial jot about something. A layered approach to taking the most basic questions about a topic and blowing them up into a guided tour that eventually spilled out to vetted articles on the internet by topic experts.

Once that business model was cemented, it was off to the races, yet there was still a name needed to be a cover all for the endless amounts of topics we one day decided to, of all things, jot down. We are taking down jots and expanding on them with articles (our model has changed since then) and there was the name of the company jotted down on a note-card in New River, Arizona at the Christian Life Ranch quite a few months later....Joticle!

- Scott Wilson (CEO)

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